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Luxury Bedding JellyPillow™

$99.00 SGD

Lavendar Purple
Sky Blue
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JellyPillow™, the new generation pillow is right here to give you a totally new sleeping experience!

✏️ Idea JellyPillow™ Design
Jelly Pillow is designed for the people who need the quality sleeping, and care for the neck.

💡 Highlight of JellyPillow™
● Ergonomics
● Pressure Relief Grid
● Pressure Relief Neck
● Strong Support
● Breathable and Comfortable

👍 Features & Benefit JellyPillow™
● Soft characteristics: weight and pressure dispersion + absorption of sliding force and torque.
● TPE pillows can change shape according to body contours, always supporting the head and neck with a certain pressure.
● Safe material suitable for the human body
● TPE pillows use cosmetic grade ingredients that can safely come into prolonged direct contact with the skin.

JellyPillow™- MillionParcel

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