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Moving Box
From $3.20 - $7.90
Document Carton Box
From $3.20 - $17.30
Wine Packaging Box / Carton Box
From $13.90 - $23.90
Buy Mailing Boxes in Singapore
From $2.20 - $6.20
Pizza Box/Die Cut Carton Box in Singapore
From $5.00 - $17.30
Buy Square Carton Boxes for Your Packaging Needs
From $5.00 - $14.90
Carton Box / Rectangle Box
From $3.50 - $7.40
Buy Shoe Carton Boxes in Singapore
From $5.00 - $8.80
Kraft Mailing Tube
From $2.80 - $4.80
BUBBLE WRAP¬ģ Brand Protective Packaging (Big Roll)
From $13.90 - $55.80
Honeycomb Wrapping Paper
From $15.90 - $68.90
BUBBLE WRAP¬ģ Brand Protective Packaging (Small Roll)
From $2.00 - $5.50
Unitise Your Pallet Loads with Our Stretch Film
From $9.90 - $13.90
Clear Adhesive Tape
From $1.40 - $9.80
Use MillionParcel’s Cutting Edge Packing Tape Dispenser
From $3.90 - $4.50
Fragile Labels
From $3.00 - $6.90

Moving into your brand new home soon? You definitely have to pay MillionParcel’s website a visit! One thing you will never have enough of while moving houses is packing boxes, and we have plenty. Our catalogue has many different types of cardboard boxes meant for moving, some differing in size and shape.

Perfect Packing with MillionParcel’s Carton Boxes

Packing up your room in preparation for moving has never been easier with our functional carton boxes which are specifically meant for the purpose of moving. Storage space is a scarcity in Singapore, an average flat would definitely look disorganised with all the cardboard boxes sprawled all over the living room. However, this scenario will not happen at your new home as MillionParcel’s extra thick cardboard boxes are designed to handle the pressure of stacking without crumbling. You can simply stack your boxes in a neat row along a wall in the corner and voila, extra space! With such high quality, our boxes are certainly not made to be thrown away after one use. You can simply reuse the boxes to keep miscellaneous items you might want to store in your storeroom of your house.

Other than cardboard boxes, we also have bubble wraps and ‚Äúfragile‚ÄĚ sticker labels available for purchase, which are definitely essential for packing any of your precious ornaments.

Perfect Packaging for Every Parcel

Other than for personal use, our durable cardboard boxes make for great packaging for your business in Singapore. With a minimum order of 500 boxes, you will be able to customise and design your own box to be used as packaging for your products. A good first impression can work wonders, be sure to invest in your products’ packaging as it will be the first thing the customer lay eyes on when they receive their parcel. Besides boxes, MillionParcel has a wide array of poly-mailer and air bubble bags that you can use as brand packaging.

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