Sticker & Packaging Labels for Boxes

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Fragile Labels
Thermal Printer Label Paper
From $6.30 - $8.40
Sticker for Thank You / Handmade / For You
Sticker Label Roll 500pc
SoonMark Thermal Printer
From $6.30 - $149.00
Night Glow Tape
From $2.60 - $5.60

You may have noticed that almost every mailed or shipped item has something in common – a sticker label. An efficient and cost-effective method to save time and effort when presenting important information about the package and its contents, how it should be handled, stored, and more, packing labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Offering a professional look for outgoing envelopes, boxes, and other packages, these labels are typically durable and multi-functional. From airway bill stickers, thank you or event stickers, fragile stickers, you can find it all on MillionParcel.

Why Do You Need Packing Labels for Your Boxes?

Beyond its ability to ensure all your products, materials, and boxes are labelled properly, packing labels can be used to display information such as batch, serial, and product numbers and barcodes for proper tracking purposes. Besides facilitating smooth delivery, quality control, and assembly line progress of businesses, these stickers and labels can be used in office settings to manage paperwork, files, and dividers.

Ways to Use Your Labels

  • Packaging: Highlight key information and avoid confusion with packaging labels for boxes and envelopes. Ensure your packages are handled and delivered with care with a Fragile Sticker and make sure accurate and superior quality barcodes are produced on water, oil, and scratch-proof high-quality thermal printer label paper.
  • Envelopes: When there are important documents to send, simply throwing the paper material into a standard package increases its risk of damage. Effortlessly enhance product and document protection, as well as your professional image, with our Packing List Envelope/Adhesive Consignment Note.
  • Marketing: As mentioned, stickers and labels are a convenient way to provide additional information for your customers. MillionParcel offers sticker labels that add a touch of personalisation to grab the attention of your customers in Singapore more effectively.

Get in Touch for Sticker Labels in Singapore

As a one-stop platform for all your office, home, and business needs, MillionParcel offers an extensive list of packaging products and solutions. Looking to make a custom order? Fret not! MillionParcel has you covered. Contact us at with your queries.


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