7 Essential Retail Supplies You Need For Opening Day

Grand Opening Sign

Every retail store owner dreams of having a successful launch day. Aside from prioritising top-notch products and decor, you’ll also need to equip yourself with essential supplies for smooth business operations. In this article, we’ll break down seven key retail supplies that you should get your hands on to set the stage for the perfect opening day that your customers will never forget! 

1. Retail Point of Sale (POS) system:

Retail Point of Sale System

First of all, every retail store should have a reliable point of sale (POS) system, which is a device or software used to enable customer transactions. With it, you can track product prices, calculate the total cost of each customer’s purchase, and handle various payment methods such as cash, cards and even mobile payments. Some systems can even manage your inventory and track sales. 

No matter what payment method your customers prefer, a POS system that can handle it all ensures you don't miss out on any sales opportunities.

2. POS accessories

Don’t forget to pair your POS system with accessories like barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers. They each serve a different purpose – barcode scanners help to speed up checkout, cash drawers keep your money safe, and receipt printers provide tangible evidence of transactions, benefiting both you and your customers. These are just some essential accessories that can help you make the checkout process smooth and seamless. 

3. Checkout supplies

To further elevate the checkout experience, it's essential to go beyond just having a POS system and accessories — you'll need checkout supplies as well. Supplying your store with shopping carts or baskets adds convenience to your customer’s shopping experience, and stocking up on shopping bags in different sizes ensures they can pack up their purchases without any hassle.

This may seem minor, but a well-equipped checkout area can truly showcase your business's dedication to detail and customer satisfaction.

4. Implement security equipment

CCTV Security Camera

Establishing strong security measures is key when it comes to keeping your store and merchandise safe. Some measures include setting up surveillance cameras, security tags, and displaying locks to deter theft and protect your assets. Implementing these proactive security solutions not only offers peace of mind but also instils confidence among your customers, strengthens your reputation as a trustworthy establishment, and mitigates the risk of potential losses due to theft or vandalism.

5. Indoor and outdoor signage

Sale Signs In Shop Window

With a robust security system in place, you can now focus on boosting the visual allure of your store to attract customers. Effective signage can be a silent yet powerful sales tool, effortlessly drawing in customers and guiding them to your establishment. 

Indoor signage directs traffic flow and highlights in-store promotions, while effective outdoor signage attracts passersby and communicates your brand identity. Vibrant colours, clear messaging, and strategic placement of comprehensive retail signage enhance visibility and drive footfall to your store, positioning it for success amidst competition.

6. Display cases

After drawing customers into your store, you can further enhance the experience by presenting your merchandise in attractive and functional display cases. This will elevate your store’s aesthetic appeal and optimise product visibility, captivating customers and enticing them to explore further. 

You could be showcasing any type of product, ranging from jewellery to electronics, but choosing display cases that align with your brand aesthetic and highlight your merchandise’s best features is the key to boosting sales and improving customer engagement. 

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7. Office Essentials

Lastly, efficient office operations are the backbone of your retail business, working quietly behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. As such, equipping your office with essentials like label printers, inventory management systems, and bookkeeping software can help streamline administrative work, save time, and reduce errors. 

As you prepare for your much-anticipated opening day, prioritising these seven essential supplies will set you up for success. And if you’re looking for a retail supplier to provide you with all the right tools, look no further than MillionParcel. With products ranging from custom paper bags to barcode scanners, we have everything you need for a successful business launch.

Visit us today to explore our online catalogue and get started on your retail success story!

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