Does Having a Fragile Label Really Work?

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No matter which industry you’re in, it’s a common e-commerce problem to receive complaints about any damage to your product during the course of its delivery. However, getting one too many is not a good sign for your business. Especially with the increasing dependence on online shopping during this pandemic situation, it can be a hit or miss for your business when it comes to meeting customers’ satisfaction. While impact during transit is unavoidable, you can make an effort in ensuring your products are handled with care - and that is by first having a fragile label on your parcel.


Why Have a Fragile Label on Your Package

Picture this: You’ve handled your glassware with extra care, making sure that you’ve got the order right and ready to ship out. But while you’ve definitely made effort to protect your product, what if it’s not enough to withstand the generally harsh shipping and handling conditions? This is where a fragile label can ease your concerns. 

With its eye-catching red colour, fragile labels are easily identifiable. From delicate porcelain to valuable antiques, clearly labelling your package as fragile informs the courier service handling your product to treat it carefully. Besides sticker labels, you can also consider fragile masking tapes for an all-in-one solution of sealing, strengthening and alerting handlers of extra care and attention. Adding a fragile label is thus an important step to integrate into your e-commerce packaging supplies, the best defence against potential damage during shipping.


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Additional Packaging Tips and Tricks for Fragile Items

Maintaining customer satisfaction from start to finish is paramount. Especially for cross border e-commerce, it may take longer before the product reaches your overseas customers - which makes the final presentation of your product even more crucial. The risk of product damage is also more likely for long-distance transport, so you’ll want to choose appropriate materials that enhance your product packaging. Besides having a fragile label, there are other ways you can guarantee the protection of your products:


1. Bubble bag

To absorb shock from direct impact, bubble bags and envelopes can come in handy to keep your product safe and secure. If you prefer cutting and taping the sheets accordingly for products of various shapes or sizes, you can opt for a bubble wrap instead. Wrap around the product multiple times for extra protection. The more layers, the better - but make sure you’re not wasting material in the process.


2. Packing foam peanuts

Crumpled paper may do the trick but you can use packing foam peanuts to fill any empty spaces. This essentially protects your items at all angles and ensure your product doesn’t move freely around in the carton box. It’s also a good idea to use raffia shredded paper or rainbow foam balls for a decorative touch. 


3. Inflatable air packaging

To ensure your product remains stable in its packaging, inflatable air packaging makes a great addition to provide the right level of protection. Simply pump air in until you are satisfied with the amount of protection it provides. Once inflated, these air-filled cushions can cater to the needs of different product applications - also making it one of the most versatile packaging materials. 


Wrapping it Up

Shipping fragile items may give you more to worry about, but it doesn’t have to be - not with a trusted packaging supplier in Singapore. Besides adding a fragile label and using other cushioning products, it is also important to first choose the right carton box of sufficient thickness and strength. Here at MillionParcel, our mailing boxes are not only built with high-grade kraft liner for strong hardness but they also come with their own fragile icon.


With so many packaging materials at your disposal, the possibilities are endless when it comes to maximising your product’s packaging with MillionParcel. Explore your packaging options with us today.


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