Poly Mailer Bags and More: Your 2021 Guide to Packaging Materials

Poly Mailer Bags and More: Your 2021 Guide to Packaging Materials - MillionParcel

The new year brings forth a continuation of 2020 for many to adjust to the new normal. With both consumers and retailers moving online, the e-commerce landscape has become more crowded and competitive than ever before - a change that’s here to stay.

From household essentials to personal care products, more customers are experimenting with different brands and discovering the ones that matter. As such, many brands are recognising the importance of customer retention.

To attract even customers who are still wary about online shopping, there’s a need for proper packaging to ensure the desired product meets their expectations when delivered. Whether you’re a new e-commerce startup or a seasoned online retailer in Singapore, incorporating a well-planned packaging strategy into your brand can take your business a long way. To get you started, here is a checklist that covers the four must-have packaging materials to incorporate into your inventory:


Your 2021 Guide to Packaging Essentials


1. Carton box

For starters, carton boxes made of high strength corrugated core are by far the most reliable form of packaging material - which also makes them one of the most favoured in terms of strength and protection. The boxes may be stacked on top of each other inside a warehouse and the last thing you want is for your own package to break under the pressure. If you’re looking at the durability of your carton box material, you can also opt for either single or double wall type to suit the product you’re shipping. This is especially important to hold the weight of heavier products. Additionally, take note to right-size your package based on the product’s shape. Have some general product measurements at hand as you consider your options, taking into account added space for protective cushioning.

If your product is small and lightweight like apparel and stationery, consider poly mailer bags instead.


2. Cushioning products

If you do purchase a slightly bigger carton box to cater to more items, cushioning products like packing foam peanuts can come in handy to fill up the void space. This ensures the best possible protection for your product, which can otherwise get damaged through movement in the box during shipping. To have peace of mind, you can also wrap your products separately with bubble wrap, so each item has its own layer of protection that keeps it safe and secure. 

Moreover, if you have fragile products, adding cushioning products will reduce the risk of scratches or cracks.   


3. Adhesive tape

When deciding on a tape to seal your carton boxes, take note of its adhesion and ease of removal. Depending on the nature of your goods, a strong adhesive tape can hold your package together so you won’t have to worry about your package opening midway during shipment. Wider, stronger adhesive tapes are more suitable for packages carrying heavy contents.

For light-duty packaging applications with a touch of personalisation, you can also write down your customer’s name when you choose masking tapes.


4. Fragile label

Keeping in mind that impact is inevitable during loading and unloading, it is a good idea to add a fragile sticker label on the exterior of the box for fragile, breakable items. When you have your package clearly labelled as fragile, this notifies your courier service of the need for extra care and saves you the trouble of worrying about your delicate goods. You can also opt for a printed fragile masking tape for a more cost-effective solution.


Bonus Tip: Rely on A Reputable Packaging Supplier

In short, protective packaging is a must, and employing these four main packing materials into your shipping supplies can make a difference. You ultimately want your products to reach your customers in the condition you sent them out, which makes working with the right vendor for high-grade packaging materials in Singapore even more important. Keep in mind that they are essentially part of your supply chain. A reliable packaging supplier will not only assure you of the packaging material quality but can also give you the flexibility to get better deals for custom or wholesale orders. Here at MillionParcel, we have helped many e-commerce retailers with their packaging needs. From poly mailer bags to packaging boxes, feel free to get in touch with us today for more information.


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