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Poly Mailer Bag | Keep Your Products Safe and Secured - MillionParcelPoly Mailer Bag | Keep Your Products Safe and Secured - MillionParcel
White Bubble Polymailer | Bubble Envelope - MillionParcelWhite Bubble Polymailer | Bubble Envelope - MillionParcel
Aluminium Foil Bags | Thermal Bag - MillionParcelAluminium Foil Bags | Thermal Bag - MillionParcel
Aluminium Foil Bags | Thermal Bag Sale priceFrom $0.22
Polymailers with pouch & pocket - MillionParcelPolymailers with pouch & pocket - MillionParcel
Polymailers with pouch & pocket Sale priceFrom $4.70
Honeycomb Paper Envelope | Replace bubble wrap envelope - MillionParcelHoneycomb Paper Envelope | Replace bubble wrap envelope - MillionParcel
Bio-Degradable Polymailer | Eco-Friendly - MillionParcelBio-Degradable Polymailer | Eco-Friendly - MillionParcel
Premium Insulated Bag | Cake Cooler Bag - MillionParcelPremium Insulated Bag | Cake Cooler Bag - MillionParcel
Mailing Cardboard Envelope | Rigid Envelope - MillionParcelMailing Cardboard Envelope | Rigid Envelope - MillionParcel

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A delivery is never complete without a secured mailing box or bag. You need to ensure your goods remain intact from the moment you send it out for delivery to the time it reaches the intended recipient

Whether you are an eCommerce business, a home-based entrepreneur or just an individual wanting to send a parcel locally or abroad, choosing the right type of packaging is essential. While boxes are useful for bulkier items, mailing bags offer equal advantages - it all boils down to what you need to pack and how you intend to deliver the goods.

What are Mailing Bags?

Mailing bags such as poly mailers are sturdy but lightweight bags designed for shipping. With a self-sealing folding lip, they can be easily secured without additional tape. Shipping labels can also be directly affixed onto the material.

There are various kinds of poly mailers available. There are those that look like envelopes, with some that come with additional pouches. Others are padded with bubble wrap, offering extra protection to the goods without having to store them in separate boxes.

Why use Mailing Bags

There are several reasons why mailing bags would be a better packaging option:

  • Lightweight: The bags are lighter than boxes, which makes them more convenient to transport from warehouses to the delivery centre.
  • Small-sized: These bags are generally smaller in size, so they take up less space (and weight) in shipping containers and trucks, significantly reducing the cost of shipping.
  • Waterproof: Poly mailers are waterproof, ensuring your goods are protected from water damage.

When not to use mailing bags

Regardless of their advantages, mailing bags are not always suitable. You should avoid using mailing bags for fragile items such as glass products, electronics, tube-based beauty products and foods like chips that can be crushed under pressure.

Mailing bags are perfect for the following:

  • Apparel
  • Fabric-based products
  • Books or printed media
  • Well-sealed makeup products
  • Bottled vitamins and supplements

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