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Thermal Printer Label PaperThermal Printer Label Paper
Thermal Printer Label Paper Sale priceFrom $3.45
Fragile Label - - Ensure your fragile items arrive safely - MillionParcelFragile Label - - Ensure your fragile items arrive safely - MillionParcel
Sticker Label Roll & Sheets | Handmade & Thank you and etc - MillionParcelSticker Label Roll & Sheets | Handmade & Thank you and etc - MillionParcel
Packing List Envelope / Adhesive Consignment Note - MillionParcelPacking List Envelope / Adhesive Consignment Note - MillionParcel
SoonMark Thermal Printer - MillionParcelSoonMark Thermal Printer - MillionParcel
SoonMark Thermal Printer Sale priceFrom $109.90

Best Sticker & Packaging Labels for Boxes in Singapore

Details About Our Sticker & Packaging Labels

Almost every mailed box or shipped item has something in common – a sticker label. Labels are an efficient, cost-effective, and professional method to present important information about the contents of envelopes, boxes, and packages.

Why Do You Need Packing Labels for Your Boxes?

When you're packing up your belongings for a move, it's important to use durable and multi-functional packing labels to keep everything organised. These labels can be used to display information such as batch, serial, and product barcodes for proper tracking purposes. Without them, it can be difficult to determine the items in the boxes. Sticker labels allow all your products, materials, and boxes to be labelled properly, facilitating smoother delivery and greater quality control.

With the right packing label stickers, you can also customise your items to make them easy to use and more organised. These stickers and labels can be used in offices and homes to manage paperwork, files, and dividers.

Ways to Use Your Sticker Labels

Our packing labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for different purposes.

Packaging boxes:

Highlight key information and avoid confusion with packaging labels for boxes and envelopes. When there are important documents to send, simply using a normal paper sticker may not be  enough. These normal stickers can be easily damaged, risking the loss of information and the box's contents. Our label stickers are made from the highest quality thermal printer label paper, which is water-, oil-, and scratch-proof. Your product’s information will be printed accurately. For delicate packages, a Fragile Label can ensure that your packages are handled and delivered with care.           

Invoices, packing lists, and shipping information:

Effortlessly protect your documents with our Packing List Envelopes/Adhesive Consignment Notes. Simply slot your invoices, packing lists, or shipping information into the pocket bag and stick the Packing List Envelope onto the box.


Using Thank You Stickers and Sticker Label Rolls is a fun and interactive way to grab the attention of your customers. They are easily customisable, with many different shapes, colours, and sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. Each roll is cut into individual stickers. Peel them off the paper backing easily without any mess or fuss.

Get in Touch With Us for Sticker Labels in Singapore

As a one-stop platform for all your commercial and residential needs, MillionParcel offers an extensive list of packaging products and solutions. From Thermal Printers to Night Glow Tapes, you can find all types of packaging labels for boxes on MillionParcel. Looking to make a custom order? We have you covered. Contact us at with your queries today.