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❤️ Poly Mailers are designed for protect and deliver products.  Plastic mailing bags are lightweight, cost saving on postage and water resistant.  It can be used to mail computer accessories, fashion accessories, clothings and even shoes. Poly Envelopes are a great alternative to paper envelopes, as they are lightweight and can waterproof your items.


💡Product Highlight !!!

● Tear Resistance : New material, strong toughness, tear - resistant and not easy to break.

● Strong Adhesion : Spray adhesive technology, strong adhesion, destructive sealing.

● Quality Edges : Perfect crafting, good materials and sealing edge is firm.

● Strong Bearing : Good material, toughness, moderate thickness and good weight bearing effect.

● Waterproof : Good sealing, no leakage, easy to use.

● Spray Adhesive Sealing : Spray adhesive technology, neat tape and sealing edge is firm

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