Don't Miss Out These Steps Before Sending Your Carton Box Shipment

Don-t-Miss-Out-These-Steps-Before-Sending-Your-Carton-Box-Shipment - MillionParcel

Following our guide to packaging materials, if you want to make sure that you’re packaging your boxes the right way for shipping in Singapore, this article is for you. Here, we will be delving further into what must be added to your carton box before sending them out and officially celebrating your first set of successful orders!

1. Add an adhesive tape

For starters, a securely sealed package will not only hold up best during shipping impact but can also guard against product damage. As such, when buying your packaging supplies, you’ll want to carefully select your adhesive tape. To make your taping efforts worth the while, it’s first and foremost important to take into account the strength of the tape. To reduce the possibility of your carton boxes opening mid-delivery, your ideal choice of tape should come with superior adhesion as a start. And with a trusted tape supplier in Singapore, you can have peace of mind that you’re purchasing tapes of high quality.

With various lengths in stock, Million Parcel’s clear adhesive tapes are both strong in adhesion and moisture-proof, making it suitable for the job. To ensure your packages are ready for any rough handling during shipping, remember to use the letter “H” seal method on where the carton box flaps close when applying your adhesive tape.

Besides clear adhesive tapes, here are some other tape options available in the market - and yes, you can easily find your top picks here at Million Parcel:

Packing tape dispenser 

Apart from cutting your adhesive tape, you can opt for a packing tape dispenser that removes the need for scissors. By finding the packaging method that works best for you, you can properly pack and prep your customer orders more efficiently.

Silent adhesive tape

Bothered by the loud ripping noise of adhesive tapes? Designed to roll out quietly, silent adhesive tapes will improve your packaging experience while still providing strong adhesion to your mailing boxes. 

Fragile adhesive tape

You can also consider adhesive tapes with the imprints “Fragile” and “Handle with care” on them. These fragile adhesive tapes come in handy as a two-in-one solution if you’re looking for economical packaging supplies. 

2. Slot in your packing list in a clear envelope

After securing your package with durable adhesive tape, the next step that follows will be attaching a packing list with your shipment. This is crucial as it informs the delivery services what they’re transporting. With that in mind, the right packing list envelope can keep your packing list and consignment note safe from any damage. As the envelope is transparent, it will also be useful for the identification of products. You can easily slip the necessary documents in, peel off the backing and stick it on your package. When ordering from Million Parcel, this self-adhesive pocket bag comes in two sizes so you can choose one that caters to your packaging needs. 

3. Print out your shipping label

For domestic and international shipping, take note you will also need to have a shipping label on your packages. It is, however, a common mistake to print shipping labels on A4 paper when first starting out with an e-commerce business. This requires ink and as your business grows, it is not the most practical and cost-effective option.

There is a better way to go about it and that’s by relying on thermal printer label paper. Whether delivering within Singapore or overseas, with the use of a thermal printer, you can rest assured that your shipping information will be printed out clearly on high-quality wood pulp material. Instead of using ink, a thermal printer heats the paper and is, in fact, commonly used to print durable sticker labels. Consider getting a thermal printer to conveniently print out your shipping labels from your home or workspace.

With Million Parcel’s label paper that comes with tear lines between each label, you won’t have to manually cut your shipping labels and can proceed to stick them on your packages. 

And you’re ready to go!

And that’s how you can get your product packaging done right even if it’s your first time! If you’re in need of packing labels and more for your carton boxes, check out our wide selection of packaging products on our website and start stocking up on your packing essentials. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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