3 Common Mistakes When Buying Packaging in Singapore: What to Avoid

3 Common Mistakes When Buying Packaging in Singapore: What to Avoid - MillionParcel

The way you package your merchandise can make or break the first few months of operation of your new business, especially when the products need to be shipped or transported to a different place. But what happens when the presentation falls flat? 

Some of the most common packaging mistakes that new entrepreneurs commit are connected to wasteful packaging due to fears that the goods might be damaged in transit. The opposite can happen as well when fragile or heavy merchandise are under-protected from the incorrect use of packaging materials.

When buying packaging supplies for the first time, take a look at some of the most common mistakes made by newbie business owners in Singapore and what you can do to avoid making them:

What are the Packaging Mistakes that New Business Owners Make?

1. Wasteful packaging

For starters, it is important to take note of the amount of packaging you’re using for your product. By misjudging and buying packaging boxes that are too large, you’ll have to be prepared to purchase additional fillers to remedy the problem. As a result, your customer may view the overpacking as unnecessary and excessive, more so if they are sustainability-conscious. When considering your packaging options, save yourself the hassle by selecting smaller cardboard mailing boxesthat can fit your product just right.

Additionally, not every product needs a carton box for packaging. Clothes, for instance, can be folded nicely in a transparent self-adhesive OPP plastic bag before packing it into a mailing bag and it’s ready to be shipped!

2. Under-protecting goods

With that being said, it is also a common problem to under-protect an item with cost savings in mind. If you have products that are fragile and easily breakable, it is not a good idea if the packaging boxes that you put them in does not provide a snug fit. This increases the chances of breakage and especially after a long waiting shipping period, nothing is more disappointing than discovering a damaged product.

Products that are breakable like ceramic dinnerware or display vases will need special thought on the tightness of the cardboard boxes that they are placed in to ensure safe transport and storage.

3. Inconvenient unboxing  

Besides over- and under-protecting your product, remember to prioritise your customer experience. At present, the unboxing of a product is the first experience a customer will have with your products. The frustration settles in when they’re having a hard time extricating it free from the many folds and entanglements. If your customers have a difficult time unboxing your product, you run the risk of losing repeat business. 

Ideally, you will want to repeat an exciting unboxing experience among your several customers, whether local or overseas. A professionally wrapped package will take your business far and your customers are bound to appreciate your efforts.

Keep in Mind

It can be tricky looking for a reliable packaging material supplier to meet your business needs, especially with your brand on the line. As a start, check out our guide to choosing the right supplier in Singapore. If you’re new in the business and need guidance from a reliable box supplier, a trusted and proven packaging company can help you ensure you’re making a worthy first-time investment.

Here at MillionParcel, we’ll help you protect your product, establish your brand identity and even control your shipping costs. Rest assured your choice of packaging boxes can even enhance your customer's experience and improve your bottom-line profitability.

In order not to have second thoughts about your packaging concepts for your merchandise, and to start your new business with fewer mistakes, consult with MillionParcel as your box supplier in Singapore - it could be one of your best decisions for your business.


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