What Makes Packaging Eco-Friendly: Boxes and More

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It is no secret that the world we live in today is continuously looking for ways to make its footprint smaller and be more environmentally conscious. With a growing desire for sustainability in Singapore, companies are starting to take notice of the harmful effects that their actions can have on the environment. One way to do this is by using eco-friendly packaging materials. These types of materials not only help reduce our carbon footprints but also allow us to be more sustainable with our resources since these products are recyclable and/or compostable.

What is Considered Eco-Friendly Packaging?

At a glance, your product packaging may seem like a small issue when compared to climate change or pollution from vehicles but the amount of trash produced by these items every year has significant consequences on our environment. ​​Fortunately, packaging can be made from many different materials, some of which are more environmentally friendly than others. If your package contains recycled content or recyclable material, it's considered green because it reduces the need for virgin resources and helps reduce waste in landfills. Eco-friendly packaging can also be referred to as green packaging, environment-friendly packaging or sustainable packaging.

Benefits Of Choosing Eco-Friendly Packaging

For starters, you’ll be tapping into a larger pool of consumers that include those who are well-informed on the importance of eco-friendly packaging. These are potential customers who may be more drawn to your product with the use of sustainable packaging solutions.

We’ve also previously covered how packaging materials can have an impact on your overall shipping costs. With the right packaging material supplier, rest assured that your choice of eco-friendly materials will also be of high quality. So, you can have just what you need to pack your products properly. This can come especially handy to lower your product's shipping costs in Singapore and overseas.

How Do You Package Items Eco-Friendly

1. Reduce the size of your product packaging

The first thing you should consider is whether or not your product needs more than one type of protection. For example, if you are shipping electronics in a cardboard box with bubble wrap on the inside, then that's just adding an extra layer of protection to prevent damage. But that does not mean you should do without it as you’ll still need to secure your package’s contents.

Start by avoiding these common packaging mistakes and familiarising yourself with the essential packing materials. By rightsizing your package to prevent wasteful packaging, for instance, you can also free up valuable store or warehouse space.

2. Purchase sustainable packaging materials

From corrugated carton boxes to inflatable air pillows, you have a wide range of packaging material alternatives to explore in Singapore. These supplies can be lightweight yet durable to ensure your product stays safe throughout shipping and will be a great companion to your eco-friendly product packaging.

3. Educate Your Customers

To make your eco-friendly packaging strategy a success, it is also important to educate your customers about responsible disposal of the packaging. There are countless ways to educate them on the necessary disposal instructions such as on your website, via social media or in personalised cards attached to their orders. Some types of packaging materials can also be reused, which your customers can still make good use of - so make sure to state that down as well.

Shop Packaging That’s Better for the Planet

Packaging is a necessary part of the product, but not all packaging is eco-friendly. While often overlooked and ignored, it can make a huge difference in the environment. Here at MillionParcel, you can find packaging that meets your ideal cost and performance requirements while you make the environmentally-friendly choice for your business.

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