How Packaging Materials Influence Your Total Shipping Cost: A Guide

How-Packaging-Materials-Influence-Your-Total-Shipping-Cost-A-Guide - MillionParcel

Shipping can be a huge cost for many companies. The packaging that items are sent in can have an impact on the overall price of shipping, which is no wonder some end up cutting down on packing costs. Yet, when you're engaged in a business that requires consistent shipping of goods and merchandise to your customers, it is essential to not compromise on your packaging materials. This is why before you start a business, you need to devise a feasible, cost-effective, and reliable packaging strategy.

Factors Affecting Shipping Costs

Every company that ships products have to think about their shipping costs before they purchase packaging supplies for their product delivery! Various factors affect the shipping cost, and it's your role as the seller to find an option that's safe, reliable, yet affordable. With that in mind, the cost of shipping your sent-out packages can be impacted by the following three factors:

1. Package origin and destination

For starters, the shipping distance between the package origin and destination are factors that would determine the overall cost of your item delivery. The further away from the destination, the more expensive it may get. Every country has different tariff and customs laws, so the computation of taxes would also vary.

2. Weight and size

The shipping cost also includes the packaging materials used to keep the items safe while in transit. Before an item is accepted for shipping by a courier, they first weigh and measure it to determine how much it would cost to be transported. Naturally, smaller and light items cost less. The heavier a package, the more it costs to ship. This can be based on how much material it takes up or even just its shape.                    

More fragile items will need extra protection such as bubble wrap, so it's safe to assume that they would also cost a bit more when shipped.

3. Dimensional weight

In addition to its actual weight, the dimensional weight of your shipment will also be taken into account. This essentially refers to the amount of space your package will be occupying when shipped.

Product Packaging and its Importance

Yet, it’s important to remember the primary purpose of packaging: To keep the product safe and in good condition during manhandling or while in transit, and second, to make your brand known to a larger customer base. 

Most of the time, people purchase not only because of the sheer functionality of the item but also because of how safe and protected the item will come packaged in. Packaging options such as mailing boxes and padded envelopes work well with small items. However, if you have to ship larger ones, the best way to do it is by using heavy-duty carton boxes and double wall shipping boxes. Add on a clear adhesive tape and your package will be good to go! All these will ensure that your packages are secure while being shipped or being handled.                                       

Ideally, heavy-duty boxes are meant for goods and materials that would require extra protection and for items that are pretty challenging to handle due to their weight. 

Designing your boxes is also necessary to satisfy the aesthetic aspect of the packaging concept. Once you feel confident with the growth of your business, you can also consider exploring other gift packing materials to personalise your packages for your customers in Singapore and overseas.


Suppose you're not sure what type of packaging application is best for the goods and materials you ship. In that case, it is best to reach out to us regarding the packaging required. You can also test these boxes to make sure your packages won't break while in transit.                                     

Once you have decided on the packaging materials necessary for the kind of products you’re selling, do use any of our discount coupon codes to make the most out of your purchase. For both customer experience and business profitability, discover your preferred packaging options at MillionParcel today!

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