Inflatable Air Pillow Bag


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Size: Sample (10 Slice)
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This Air Pillow Bag requires (Auto) Inflatable Air and Seal Machine . The air pillow bag does not come prefilled with air.

Option 1: Infaltable Air Pillow Bag x 1roll (Not Air)
Must require a (Auto) Inflatable Air and Seal Machine to pump the air and seal it. 

Option 2 :Sample x 10 slice (Air inside) 
This is for buyer easy to check the quality and testing. 

Air pillows protect products from impact damages. Air pillows are an effective void-filling solution that keeps products in packaging from shifting, crushing, or breaking while in transit, during shipment, or handling. Many different products or goods can be used with the Air Pillow packaging.

Inflatable Air Pillow Bag - MillionParcel

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