SoonMark 1D/2D Barcode Scanner


Type: Wired Scanner K212Y
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Barcode Scanner

SMK-K212Y is a corded 1D and 2D image wired scanner launched by SoonMark. It combines high performance, high durability and ergonomic design. It has fast transmission speed, accurate data reading, support for mobile computer screen scanning, anti-shock & anti-fall and other characteristics.

is addtional Bluetooh and come with Wireless function. Suitable for courier driver and picker direct link to mobile.

Express & commodity barcodes scanning
Mobile and computer screen scanning
For supermarket and cashier

  • Anti-shock and anti-fall
  • Comfortable grip
  • Smart buzzer

Barcode Scanner Features

-Industrial-grade decoding chip with fast transmission speed and accurate data reading
-Supports scanning screen barcodes on mobile phones and computers
-All machine dust-proof design, anti-shock and anti-fall, satisfy more scenarios
-Ergonomic design, comfortable operation, not easy to fatigue for long time operation
-Resonant intelligent buzzer beep, fast feedback code reading experience
-Support multiple communication interfaces, plug and play

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