🎉Happy New Year 2019 🎉

🎉Happy New Year 2019 🎉 - MillionParcel

Finally we open our own website to supplier packaging to our buyers. 

We still need time to make the operation smooth and help you solve the packaging problem. 

Why we need to open own website? this is few reason 

1. Not Market Place fee

2. Not Agent fee

3. Not Hidden Cost

4. Not ADS fee

We want to help seller to grown their business, but we find out above cost make the price become higher. So we do it same like other seller, open website and full control by MillionParcel. 

MillionParcel is E commerce Packaging Supplies which is online business, not retails, not renovation, not cashier ,not full time staff,not packaging fee and etc. We save the cost and make the price more value for seller. We also always doing QC for the item to make sure the quality packaging can protect seller order. 

Thank you all of you, Happy New Year 2019 !!!⭐🌟🎉⭐🌟🎉⭐🌟🎉

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