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Buy Square Carton Boxes for Your Packaging Needs

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Built with the same dimensions in length and width, square corrugated boxes are exceptionally ideal for shipping goods, especially ones with cubic or spherical shapes.

When shipping your item, the key is to minimise empty spaces. After all, the last thing you want is to have your package’s contents shifting about in an oversized box. Not only will this negatively impact your customers’ unboxing experiences, choosing the wrong box’s size can have far-reaching drawbacks such as insubstantial protection. Be sure to never oversize your packages, but right-size it!

However, it’s undeniable that finding the right size of boxes can be tad challenging – especially when you do not intend to custom-make them. With MillionParcel, it doesn’t have to be! With 5 different sizes in our catalogue, it’s not hard to find one that fits your needs.

Why Choose MillionParcel?

Our square boxes are crush-proof and have the ability to withstand stacking and turbulent shipping processes. They are all double-walled, giving them double the strength and resistance. Whether you’re intending to transport fragile goods or heavy-duty materials, you can count on our square boxes to keep them safe and secured.     

For organisations who are looking to reduce material costs or require constant supplies of square boxes, we’ve got you in mind! Get the best deal and rack up some serious savings when you purchase in bulk from MillionParcel. Don’t forget to check out our series of discount coupons too!

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Product Highlight

  • Hard Materials
  • Extra Thick Cardboard
  • U-Shape Groove
  • Standard 90° Edges
  • Film and Reusable
  • Carton Internal Adhesive

Reach Out to Our Professionals

Do our sizes not fit the bill? Fret not – feel free to reach out to our team of professionals for custom orders. Alternatively, if you require specific product details, we’re more than happy to assist too!

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