BUBBLE WRAP® Brand Protective Packaging (Big Wrapping Roll)

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Material: (Single Layer) 50cm x 91m(300f)
Set: 1 Roll

Introducing our Bubble wrap, the ultimate solution for protecting and cushioning your fragile items during shipping and storage. Our bubble wrap is made from high-quality, lightweight, and durable materials that can be easily wrapped around your items, providing superior protection and cushioning. They are easy to use, flexible, and can be easily cut to size.

✔️Available in various sizes to fit your specific needs
✔️Made from lightweight and durable materials
✔️Provides superior protection and cushioning for fragile items during shipping and storage
✔️Can be easily cut to size
✔️Waterproof and puncture-resistant

✅Provides superior protection and cushioning for fragile items during shipping and storage
✅Lightweight materials reduce shipping costs
✅Can be easily cut to size to fit your specific needs
✅Waterproof and puncture-resistant, ensuring your items stay safe during transportation and storage
✅flexible and easy to use, making it perfect for everyday use

Protect your fragile items during shipping and storage with our bubble wrap. Order yours today and experience the convenience and protection of a premium packaging solution.

💖 Wrap your valuables with care and protection using our versatile Bubble Wrap and Bubble Pack. Made from pliable and transparent plastic material, it provides a reliable cushioning layer to safeguard fragile items during transportation or storage. With its bubble-filled texture, it absorbs impact and prevents damage, ensuring your delicate belongings arrive intact. Trust our high-quality packaging solution, including the wrapping roll to provide peace of mind as you pack your cherished items. Invest in the superior protection of Bubble Wrap and Bubble Pack for worry-free handling of your fragile possessions.

💡What Makes Our Wrapping Roll Better?

  • Strong viscous

    Discover the superior quality of our multipurpose wrapping roll and elevate your packaging experience. Crafted with precision, our wrapping roll offers unrivalled versatility, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to protect fragile items, or bundle goods securely. Our wrapping roll is your reliable choice for exceptional performance and convenience. 

  • High Transparent

    Experience the brilliance of our high transparent wrapping roll, setting new standards in packaging excellence. Designed with clarity in mind, our wrapping roll showcases the beauty of your products while providing superior protection. Its exceptional transparency allows for easy visibility and identification, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing packaging solution. 

  • Quality Air Bubble Film

    Discover the outstanding quality of our wrapping roll, featuring premium air bubble film for unparalleled protection. Our carefully crafted bubble film ensures maximum cushioning, shielding your delicate items from impacts and shocks during transit or storage. With its durable construction and reliable performance, our wrapping roll with quality air bubble film guarantees peace of mind.

  • Thicker & Shockproof

    Experience the unbeatable superiority of our wrapping roll, crafted to be thicker and shockproof. Designed to withstand the toughest handling conditions, our wrapping roll offers unrivalled protection for your valuable items. Its thicker construction and shockproof features provide an extra layer of defence, ensuring that your goods arrive safely and securely. 

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Ser Min
Good quality and service

Bubble wraps were collected in the same day.
Fast response

Mingzhu Liew
Quick delivery and responsive customer hotline

Order arrived within 3 days, faster than expected. Customer hotline is helpful.

Karthiyani Periasamy
Bubble wrap

Worth the price...will buy more from Miilion .

Nicholas Allison
I bought some bubble wrap

I bought some bubble wrap to wrap stuff, it arrived after I paid for it thus enabling me to wrap stuff in the said bubblewrap.

Saadiah Mohamed Duah
Million bubbles

It is easy and fast delivering. Staff is helpful.

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