White Bubble Polymailer / Bubble Envelope

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Gone are the days where we received parcels in paper envelopes sealed tightly with layer after layer of scotch tape. Opening the parcels used to look like a paper massacre because the tapes were impossible to peel off, and items sometimes arrived damaged from careless handling during shipping. Once bitten, twice shy, so you request for your next purchase to be wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap before being packed in an envelope. It arrived unscathed, but your bill shows an extra charge for fragile packaging.

Enter - The White Bubble Poly Mailer (also known as  Bubble Mailer), the game changer. The White Bubble Poly Mailer is essentially an envelope but made of bubble wrap. It comes with a padded inner layer which is covered with a film of air bubbles, which is able to prevent potential dents or damage to your item during shipping and handling processes. 

With the significant increase in e-commerce in Singapore, more and more people are opting to shop online instead of in brick and mortar stores. This means that retail stores with an online presence will have to source for reliable and high-quality packaging for their online customers. With the anti-puncture and anti-theft features of our bubble wrap envelope, the White Bubble Poly Mailer, it is the perfect choice for product packaging. 

Details of White Bubble Poly Mailer

Self-Seal Bubble Poly Mailers are designed to be puncture resistant and high quality contain air retention bubble wrap for longer protection.

Please Note:

All ready stock we will ship out immediately from Singapore. If the item is out of stock, waiting time is 2-3 weeks.

We will contact you if your order is out of stock. Thank you ^^

Product Highlight

● Anti - Vibration
● Quality Edge
● Prevent Theft
● Waterproof

Bubble Polymailer - Millionparcel

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Ngeo
White Bubble Polymailer / Bubble Envelops

Products & services meet my expectations. Thanks Seller.

Damian Lee

Better if it's paper

Justina Liew

White Bubble Polymailer / Bubble Envelope

ShiQuan Lim

White Bubble Polymailer / Bubble Envelope

Carmen Tan

White Bubble Polymailer / Bubble Envelope

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