Nano Double Side Glue Dots | Transparent Glue Dot

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Type: D10mm (204pc/sheet)
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πŸ’– Stick It Easy with Nano Double-Sided Glue Dots!

Looking for a versatile and mess-free way to adhere objects? Look no further than Nano Double-Sided Glue Dots!

These innovative dots offer a strong, secure hold without damaging surfaces or leaving any residue behind.

Here's why you'll love them:
βœ… Removable & Reusable: Easily remove and reposition the dots without leaving any sticky marks. βœ…
βœ… Strong Adhesion: Holds a variety of objects securely, making them perfect for everyday use.
βœ… Nano Technology: Utilizes advanced nano technology for superior adhesion and residue-free removal. ✨

Available in a Range of Sizes:
● Normal Glue 10mm Diameter (100pc/roll) - Ideal for lightweight items like balloons or wall decorations.🎈
● Nano 10mm Diameter (204pc/sheet)
● Nano 15mm Diameter (108pc/sheet)
● Nano 30mm Diameter (35pc/sheet)
● Nano 50mm Diameter (12pc/sheet)

Nano Double-Sided Glue Dots are ideal for:
βœ… Home: Hanging pictures, posters, or decorations.
βœ… Office: Securing documents, notes, or small whiteboard supplies.
βœ… Crafting: Adhering embellishments, ribbons, or lightweight materials.
βœ… Events: Decorating party spaces, attaching balloons, or holding signs.

And much more!

Nano Double-Sided Glue Dots are the perfect solution for all your sticking needs! Order yours today!

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