3 Gift Packing Ideas: Must-Try Decorative Materials

3 Gift Packing Ideas: Must-Try Decorative Materials - MillionParcel

If you want to sell your product, the packaging is just as important as the actual product. Especially for those who own an ecommerce business in Singapore, it is likely that you have to send out many parcels every day. This makes gift packing materials an essential part of your packaging inventory. There’s no denying that a customer may judge a book by its cover and decide to purchase from another brand if they simply don't like how the product is presented. That means that you need to take time into consideration when choosing what kind of packaging material to use for shipping.

Gift Packaging Materials for Your Business

When you invest in the best packaging ideas, you're simply attracting an avenue for increasing your brand's loyalty. Of great importance still, gift packaging helps in improving the overall brand experience. A business branding is what sets it apart from its competitors. If customers identify your brand as one that presents its products in a nicely and innovatively packaged way, they will want to associate with your brand more. They now have a reason to choose your brand over others. This practice keeps a business relevant.

If you're looking for where to buy gift boxes in Singapore, the one thing you need to know is that there are multiple gift packaging ideas to try out. To make your product delivery stand out from the crowd, consider trying some of these decorative materials. These include:

1. Gift boxes

One of the ideas for quality packaging is gift boxes. When mailing your product out in Singapore, a gift box presents a great way of packaging products in a way that not only secures them but also improves their aesthetic value. There are lots of gift boxes that one can use to add value to products. An important point to note is that you should pick a box that fits a product and connects well with its value.

Additionally, keep a lookout for gift boxes that are designed specifically for certain types of products. That way, you can save time and money on packaging with, for instance, jewellery gift boxes for rings, bracelets and necklaces.  

2. Raffia shredded paper

The smallest changes can make a big difference. Using raffia shredded paper in your parcel packaging can complement your brand colours while adding vibrancy to your final product presentation upon delivery. Combined with rainbow styrofoam balls, this simple addition will surely bring a smile to your customer’s face!

3. Paper gift bags

If you’re doing meet-ups for your business, you can also pack your orders in paper gift bags instead of the usual carton boxes. Just like gift boxes, paper gift bags are an amazing pick for increasing the overall presentation of your product. Flower bouquets and arrangements, for example, will look especially gorgeous in window paper bags.

The best part is, kraft paper gift bags can come in different sizes and colours to fit your product specifications. There are various types of kraft paper bags to choose from and they can come with different prices depending on the type of paper. If you’ve got more budget, you can also incorporate premium kraft paper bags into your packaging strategy.

Where to Buy Gift Boxes and More Packing Materials

Customers love buying products that have quality packaging. Moreover, as you focus on the safety and aesthetics of your packaging, you will attract more purchases from your loyal customers.

If you want to make sure you have a top-notch product packaging strategy that will impress your customers, you'll need to start with some of these high-quality decorative materials with MillionParcel. For businesses in Singapore, MillionParcel offers carton boxes of all sizes and many more packaging materials at an affordable price. Should you need gift boxes, masking tapes and other types of packaging, feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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