Leave professional tasks to professional people. 专业的事交给专业的人去做,省时省事又高效

Leave professional tasks to professional people. 专业的事交给专业的人去做,省时省事又高效 - MillionParcel


A few days ago, I got a phone call from my friend Xiaopan. He told me he made tons of money in the Double Eleven. I have long been an indoor person, so I was very confused when hearing this, and wondered: Does Singapore also celebrate Double Eleven?

Xiaopan has been running an online store in Singapore for two years. As a prudent, and hard-working person, he soon made great progress.

He told me that he was tired and didn’t make money in the Double Eleven in the past two years. Not only the unit price was quite low, but he also needed to buy all kinds of stuff: cartons, buffer foam, adhesive tape before Double Eleven. Besides, he had to meet many businesses, the number couldn’t be accurate, and it was impossible to estimate how many large and small boxes would be used. On the surface, he was extremely busy every day. But in fact, he was inefficient in dealing with repetitive tasks, especially the trivial matters such as packaging.

He felt that he was totally exhausted due to Double Eleven, suffering both physical pains for overtime work, and severe mental pains.

What’s worse, after one day of hard work, he not only failed to deliver all the goods, but also earned a very small sum!

In the past two years, he felt Double Eleven was a complete disaster.

In the beginning of November of past years, Xiaopan was busy with a lot of dialogues:

When buying packaging materials, he opened seven or eight windows. Besides, he kept searching past records and spent the whole afternoon contacting sellers of different materials.

He put the purchasing channels of all kinds of cartons, foam, pearl cotton, spitballs, air bags, air bubble films, adhesive tape into a document, and then contacted the sellers one by one to place orders. For the next month, he was busy receiving and storage. Before Double Eleven actually arrived, his warehouse was so fulfilled that there was even no place for standing. The warehouse rent in Singapore is very high, and it would add additional costs for temporary rent of new warehouse.

He was so busy every day that he often missed meal time, and worked in very late hours. Just when the works were about to be finished, new packaging materials were delivered to him.

For many times, Xiaopan thought: "Maybe I should just give up on Double Eleven". However, he kept on working in the warehouse although he was extremely exhausted, and didn’t go home until early morning.

Just after the New Year celebration of 2020, Xiaopan began to think about Double Eleven. Since it has been influencing the entire Asia, he must take part in it. Were there some good ways for delivering goods? Xiaopan actively observed other online stores as an onlooker, and soon found a "secret".

He found that many of the online stores with most orders purchased packaging materials at MillionParcel. With this discovery, Xiaopan felt that MillionParcel was a supermarket specially designed for himself.

(1) At MillionParcel, the users can find different types, sizes and materials of boxes, buffer materials, sealing materials. There is no need for them to spend a long time looking for and comparing all kinds of materials. Instead, the users can simply buy all the materials faster and more easily.

(2) One of the features of "supermarket" is that the users can buy as many as they want. Even the minimum orders required by large businesses is a huge number. However, the small start-up businesses place only few orders, so they are not competitive in the face of large businesses. However, at MillionParcel, small orders are totally acceptable.

(3) Generally, the businesses will begin purchasing, production, and delivery after they have received orders. It takes a long time, but with low efficiency. When it is extremely busy, or when the materials are in a shortage, the manufacturers will give priority to big customers and large orders. This is why manufacturers postpone delivery of goods, especially when the orders are extremely huge during Double Eleven. Small customers like Xiaopan have no choice but to look for alternatives. It is not only very hard to find the correct goods, but also very costly. There are enough goods in stock at MillionParcel, and it only takes one or two days for the goods to be delivered to your doorstep.

(4) MillionParcel is an online business without high store costs. Therefore, the price of packaging materials is lower and the quality is better.

It can take a whole month to prepare for the packaging, while other online businesses finish it in less than a week with MillionParcel. Xiaopan realized that nowadays with increasingly detailed division of labor, it is both time-saving and efficient to leave professional tasks to professional people.   

In the long run, if we keep busy on our own, without relying on "tools" to improve time value, we will never break through the current bottleneck.

" One of our customer write for us, thank you"














  • MillionParcel有不同型号不同大小不同材质的箱子、缓冲材料、密封材料。不用自己亲自花费精力寻找、对比各种材料的商家,在MillionParcel你能够买到所有的材料,又快又方便。
  • “超市”其中的一个特点就是想买多少买多少。大厂商要求的最低订货量大,通常刚起步的小商家,订货量小,在大厂商面前没有话语权。而在MillionParcel,小订货量也没问题。
  • 一般的商家,在接到订单后才开始采购、生产、发货。流程长,效率低。往往在工忙或者缺料时,厂家会优先大客户、大订单。这就是为什么厂家会延迟发货,尤其是在双十一做促销使用量很大的时候,就越容易出现这种情况。而像小潘这样的小客户只能转而寻找其他替代品,临时寻找不易且不说,价格又会加高。在MillionParcel有大量现货,只需要1-2天就可以送货上门。
  • MillionParcel是网商,没有高额的店铺成本。因此包装材料价格更低、质量更好。




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