Packaging Quality in Singapore: How to Tell the Good From the Bad

Packaging Quality in Singapore: How to Tell the Good From the Bad - MillionParcel

In today’s customer-driven market, product packaging goes beyond protecting your product during courier delivery. For many e-commerce companies in Singapore, good packaging plays a crucial role in the overall presentation of your product. It will, most importantly, maintain customer satisfaction from start to end of the order fulfilment. On the other hand, inadequate packaging renders insufficient protection for the products inside, which may result in damaged goods. This can increase the risk of sales loss and potentially affect your business reputation. 

Yet, to still employ the packaging you bought and not let it go to waste, you may resort to purchasing other materials to make up for the lack of protection, which can be costly in the long run. So how can you pick out good packaging and avoid making the mistake of buying subpar ones? Here’s what you need to know: 

How to Tell the Good from the Bad

1. Take note of what the packaging materials are made of

For starters, no matter what packaging materials you buy, your end goal is to guarantee the best protection possible for your products. During transit, your package has to withstand impact and weather conditions. Structurally weak packaging, however, offers little to no resistance against impact, which may lead to product damage. 

Whether in Singapore or overseas, you will want to have peace of mind that your product reaches your customer’s doorstep in good shape. This is why the material of your product packaging can make a difference. MillionParcel’s carton box, for example, is made of high strength corrugated core with strong hardness and elasticity to ensure the ultimate protection. 

2. Narrow down cost-effective options

As a business, you never know when there will be a demand for orders. To be ready to serve your customers in such situations, it can be more economical to bulk-buy your packaging materials. Not only do bulk purchases reduce the cost per unit, but it also allows you to pass on the savings to other areas of your business. Well-chosen bulk purchases can help you save costs while making the most of your money. To make the best choice, consider getting in touch with various packaging material suppliers and compare prices from there.

The bottom line is, having sufficient packaging availability at hand can help your business avoid delivery delays and focus on fulfilling your customers’ orders within the promised timeframe. Additionally, some suppliers offer customisation possibilities –  so if you are planning to purchase your packaging materials in large quantities, it can be helpful to discuss your order with your selected company.


3. Check out the reviews

Don’t forget to read up on the packaging material supplier and if possible, take a look at what their customers have to say via their reviews. Customer reviews are often a good indicator of reliable packaging and it will also give you an idea of what to expect when you receive your packaging materials. 

Stand Out From The Rest with Sustainable Packaging

Besides selecting reliable packaging, staying updated with the beliefs and attitudes of your target audience is another way to build on customer brand loyalty. The most recent example is how the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a spike in e-commerce. People who have rarely, if not never tried, online delivery gave it a try in order to meet their needs while staying at home. There comes an increasing need for sustainable packaging solutions to reduce environmental impact. The use of eco-friendly packaging will thus appeal more to your customers and encourage repeat purchases with your brand.  

If your brand has experienced a surge in online orders, consider tapping on the idea of sustainability while meeting your customers’ demands. By opting for sustainable packaging materials with your supplier, it can become a peak moment for your business to reinforce with your customers and position your brand better. Even for customers who have yet to be environmentally-conscious, this can be your approach to nudging them to understand the advantages of recyclable packaging materials.

As a leading packaging supply provider and distributor in Singapore, MillionParcel presents affordable packaging solutions that are recyclable. Designed with hard materials and thickness, our corrugated Pizza Box is one example of a recyclable packaging alternative that offers optimal product protection. With a minimum order of 500 to 1000 pieces, these boxes can also be customised to different sizes and printing. Discover more packaging products on our website today.

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