Top 4 Ways You Can Personalise Your Product Packaging in Singapore

Top 4 Ways You Can Personalise Your Product Packaging in Singapore - MillionParcel

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario - you’ve just ordered a bunch of things on a popular e-commerce mobile app. Maybe it’s a couple of new books, or a suite of clothing to refresh your wardrobe. You’re bursting with anticipation and can’t wait for them all to arrive. As the day nears, you hear your doorbell ring and a knock on the door. Signing for your package, the courier hands over a drab grey polymailer bag without any logos. You’re confused, unsure whether this is what you actually ordered. As you open it, colours start to burst forth and within it is a rainbow of palette tones. Your excitement builds as you tear open the wrapping and finally reveal the goods within.

Think about the vast difference in emotions in that imaginary situation when you received your package, compared to when you would have hypothetically opened it. As a business owner, first impressions are everything - the key here is to make the purchasing process for consumers as memorable as possible. All that begins with product packaging.

Before you start packing

The first step to achieving this starts with careful insight into your target audience and the items you are packaging. Depending on your consumer demographics, the type of design you aim to achieve will vary heavily. For example, a bright colour scheme would ostensibly appeal to a younger crowd buying trendy fashion/luxury goods. The same design elements might not be entirely appropriate when your main purchasing parties are office managers looking for printer toner. Going one step further, it is also crucial for your packaging to match your company branding. This implies that there should be some congruence between the packaging colour choice and your brand logo, for example.

How can I make my packaging unique?

1. Customise the outside of your packaging

Understanding who your potential buyers are is only the first step. Moving ahead practically, you have to decide how you want to design the outside of your product packaging. The average human only takes about 7 seconds to form a first impression and in that duration, the goal should be to wow consumers receiving their items for the first time. Take these cake boxes as an example - as Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, small F&B businesses that retail mooncakes wanting unique packaging can leverage off these ready-made packaging supplies. The goal is to stand out from the crowd while still using materials that impress consumers.

2. Be thoughtful about your inner packaging

Delving deeper into the box, be mindful of the packing material after buyers open up the outer box. Nothing is more anti-climactic than unboxing a gorgeous outer container only to find your perfume is wrapped in year-old newspapers. The point is to be deliberate about each design choice. Using shredded colour paper or coloured packing peanuts is a great way to add flair to an already exciting unpacking experience.

3. Create loyalty by adding a little extra something

Another way to distinguish your brand, sticker labels aside, is to sprinkle in a small personal touch. Something that says “This was packed with you in mind, you’re not another faceless customer from Singapore.” Consider adding in a handwritten note with the buyer’s name, or a small handwritten card with a promotional code they can share with friends. Anything that encourages engagement and builds brand loyalty is perfect as a token of sincere appreciation, letting your consumers know you care about their experience.

4. Be environmentally-conscious

An extension of knowing your demographic comes down to the type of material you might want to use for packaging. A company that’s branded as eco-friendly might want to think twice about liberally using plastics in the product fulfillment process. That doesn’t mean companies need to entirely remove plastics from their logistics chain, as long as it is recyclable or reusable, and aligns with the core brand message.

Get Started

Working within the constraints of a budget, the crux of packaging should ultimately be practical, serving the purpose of delivering damage-free products. Shop at MillionParcel for all your packing supply needs, where design and durability are never compromised.

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