Why Bubble Wrap is Essential When Delivering in Singapore

Why-Bubble-Wrap-is-Essential-When-Delivering-in-Singapore - MillionParcel

For many e-commerce businesses in Singapore, the packing and shipping of products is an essential part of their business operations. When it comes to customer satisfaction, this is the stage that can make or break the brand experience. There’s a lot at stake when you consider the importance of protective packaging. We’ve previously covered the importance of adding a fragile label but what else can be done to ensure impact protection to the max? Designed to protect any type of goods, here’s why you should consider bubble wraps the next time you buy your product packaging supplies:

1. Act as a barrier against impact

From inevitable falls to collision with other goods, anything can happen during the storage and shipping process. With bubble wraps, you can rest assured that the air-filled bubble film will provide sufficient toughness against shock and vibrations, keeping your product well-protected. Remember, the quality of your bubble wrap matters here. With guaranteed shockproof qualities and waterproof capabilities, you can then be assured that your product will remain dry and protected even if the carton box gives way. 

For any fragile products, while you can wrap them with multiple layers, you can consider double-layer bubble wraps to enhance the cushioning effect. Taking 360-degree protection to the next level, inflatable air packaging also makes an incredibly attractive option to ensure the safety of your product.

2. Wide range of applications

Especially if you sell a variety of products of different sizes, bubble wraps offer multi-purpose use so you can protect any type of item. To suit your custom packaging needs, simply cut the bubble wrap into your preferred form. Based on your product specifications, you can order it in small packs or go for the bigger bubble wrap rolls. Or if there isn’t a need to cut and tape exact sheets, you can also place it in air bubble bags to simplify your packaging process. 

Moreover, in the event of product returns or exchanges, your customers won’t have to look for packaging alternatives as they can easily reuse the bubble wrap provided.

3. Lightweight type of packaging

If reducing shipping costs is one of your priorities yet don’t want to compromise product protection in the process, bubble wrap will be the perfect go-to option for packaging efficiency. Ultra-lightweight and easy to implement, bubble wraps offer a smart way to shield your mailed product from damage, eliminating the need for other packing products. In fact, Million Parcel’s bubble polymailer makes a great all-in-one packaging solution on its own.

4. Cost-effective option

With that in mind, bubble wraps usually come at affordable prices, more so when buying in bulk. If you are still discovering quality packing products or have yet to find your choice supplier, take your time to consider competitively priced vendors for all your packaging supplies. That way, you can better set your budget aside for more important aspects of your business. Depending on your final pick, you may even score a better deal with your packaging material supplier so you’ll want to compare your options before making the final decision.

Next steps

On top of bubble wraps, the packaging materials available are simply endless in Singapore but it all boils down to what you need to make the most out of your budget. Especially if you’re still in the process of compiling your packaging material inventory, our guide to packaging materials will definitely be a useful read for you. To ensure successful product shipments, it is essential to look for a reliable supplier like MillionParcel as your one-stop solution for all your packaging needs. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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