Inflatable Air Column Roll

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Size: 15cm x 50m

Introducing our Inflatable Air Column Roll: The Ultimate Packaging Solution!

Our Inflatable Air Column Roll is a versatile and innovative packaging material designed to provide superior protection for your valuable items during transit. With its unique design, it offers unbeatable cushioning and shock absorption, ensuring that your products remain safe and secure throughout the shipping process.

Here are some key features and benefits of our Inflatable Air Column Roll:

  • High-Quality Protection: The air columns in the roll are designed to inflate easily, creating a protective barrier around your items. This ensures that they are safeguarded against impact, vibrations, and other potential damages during transportation.
  • Customizable Length: Our roll comes in a continuous length, allowing you to customize the size of the air columns according to your specific packaging needs. Simply cut the roll to the desired length and inflate the columns as required.
  • Easy to Use: The Inflatable Air Column Roll is incredibly user-friendly. It can be inflated using a standard air pump or an inflator machine, making the packaging process quick and hassle-free.
  • Versatile Applications: This packaging solution is ideal for various industries, including e-commerce, electronics, fragile items, glassware, and more. It provides excellent protection for items of different shapes and sizes.
  • Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly: Our Inflatable Air Column Roll is a cost-effective packaging solution, as you only need to inflate the columns you require. Additionally, it is made from recyclable materials, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Experience the difference in packaging with our Inflatable Air Column Roll. Give your products the utmost protection they deserve and ensure customer satisfaction with every delivery.

Place your order today and discover the benefits of this innovative packaging solution for your home business or commercial operation.


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Customer Reviews

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Good & Repeated Purchase

Not the first time purchasing from Millionparcel. The Air Column Roll quality is quite good. So far no cases of "burst" during transit.

2 thumbs up!

This is definitely our go to for all of our packaging needs. The boss and his staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable.

Recently when we made our purchase, the boss was so generous by giving us quite a lot samples! Very useful, thanks boss!

Will be back when we run low on our supplies;)

Richard Li

Good product quality and fast delivery


easy to use

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