A Beginner's Guide to The Types of Packing Tapes

A Beginner's Guide to The Types of Packing Tapes - MillionParcel

Packing tapes are a crucial part of any business, as they provide an easy way to package and protect goods during transport. When shipping items in boxes, envelopes or other containers, sealing them well with the right type of tape can protect your goods during transport.

There are, however, many different types of packing tapes in the Singapore market today with varying levels of durability and adhesive strength. With masking tapes, clear tapes, cloth tapes and even nightglow tapes, it's important to know the best type for your needs. This blog post will explore the different types and their benefits.

Top 7 Types of Packing Tapes

1. Clear tape

Clear adhesive tape, more commonly known as "scotch tape," is one of the most widely used types of tape in Singapore. It has a transparent and glossy finish when applied, with adhesive bonds that can stay durable throughout the product delivery. The clear adhesive makes it easy to see what's inside the packaging without having to open it up first. Available in different sizes, it is commonly used to bind small packages or seal envelopes. Clear adhesive tapes are also commonly paired with a packing tape dispenser that allows for ease of use and convenience.

2. Masking tape

Masking tape is a paper tape that provides a light adhesive that is convenient to use and apply. While also being easy to tear directly from the main role of tape, masking tape of high quality is also removable from any surface without leaving any residue. The best part is, you can scribble down your receiver’s name on the tape itself for an extra touch of personalisation.

3. Nano grip tape

Instead of glue, you can also opt for the double-sided Nano grip tape for increased efficiency while packaging your products. With superior gripping power, this type of tape adheres tightly and securely around your carton box without the need to apply adhesives on the top or bottom surfaces. It is also washable while still providing a strong adhesive connection so you can always reuse it again.

4. Cloth tape

A cloth tape is a type of adhesive that is made together with cloth backing to increase its durability and flexibility. In addition, this tape is hand-breakable with high textile strength. In addition to its bright, colourful appearance, cloth tapes are also useful for a variety of purposes and applications like electrical and plumbing tasks, sealing walls and used as bandages.

5. Silent adhesive tape

As the name suggests, this type of packaging tape allows for low-noise adhesive tasks. You can use silent adhesive tapes without having to hear that otherwise distinct sound when using other types of packaging tapes. A silent adhesive tape is particularly suitable for applications in areas that have a strict requirement of low noise or when you just want to be more comfortable in packing with less noise.

6. Kraft paper tape

This type of tape uses a rubber-based adhesive system that forms an excellent adhesive bond to most surfaces and packing products. The robust backing of kraft paper tapes can also remain durable to withstand rough handling during shipping. It is typically used in packaging, splicing, and carton sealing. Additionally, it is the approved packing tape of the U.S. Postal Service.

7. Nightglow tape

Besides tapes specifically designed for packaging, there are also nightglow tapes that will come in handy for personal purposes. For instance, it provides a cheap and convenient way to have markings in the dark to help guide kids or the elderly. Simply use the tape at the base of the walls to indicate where it ends and show where the stairs begin or warn of other hazards in the dark.

Find Exactly What You Need with MillionParcel

When choosing which type of packing tape to buy for your business, make sure that whichever you order meets your specific needs at the end of the day. You just have to know your preferences and source the right type of tape from a reliable packaging supplier in Singapore. Whatever your package sealing application, there is a tape suited for every job with MillionParcel.

Finally, to properly pack an item with your selected tape, don’t forget to check out this blog so you can be sure that your shipments get to their destination safely!

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